Basic Life Support (BLS) Training

Basic Life Support (BLS) Training

Basic Life Support (BLS) Training

SEMPON President Dr Efunbo Dosekun At 2nd AGM & Conference 2018

Welcome to Society of Emergency Medicine Practitioners of Nigeria (SEMPON)

A non-profit and scientific platform for all stakeholders in emergency care.

Our Mission

To foster the concept, philosophy and the skills of emergency medicine throughout Nigeria.

Our Objectives

To bring together several people who have been trained in the art of resuscitation and emergency care.

Our Services

We encourage training of health and non-health personnel on resuscitation/emergency care.

Background History of SEMPON

Nigeria has been in the fore of Emergency and resuscitation in Africa. In 1991, Nigeria had her first formal national training conference on Basic Life Support, when no African contry was so inclined. This was as a result of the collaboration between Society of Anesthetics of West Africa (SAWA) led by Professor Dorothy Jane. O. Ffoulkes-Crabbe and Emergency Response Services led by Dr. Nnamdi Nwauwa.

In recent times, most internationally recognized training programs in resuscitation and emergency care have all been brought into Nigeria. In most of these, Nigeria is the second after South Africa to promulgate these courses and programs that form the pillars of modern emergency medicine. These include BLS, ACLS, PALS, ATLS, PHTLS, ITLS, ALSO, BDLS, ASLS and many others.

SEMPON Membership Registration

To become a SEMPON member is simple, fill the Registration Form and pay your registration fee.

Members are expected to pay their dues into the account details stated below;

Account Name:   Society of Emergency Practitioners of Nigeria (SEMPON).
Bank Name:  
Account Number:

The Pioneer Chairman

Dr. Nnamdi Nwauwa


Dr. NNAMDI EUGENE NWAUWA (Father of Emergency medicine and Emergency Response trainings in Nigeria)

He started his career as a medical doctor but was distinguished amongst others and sort after by some top Nigerian political leaders to occupy high political offices due to his commitment, hardworking capability and trustworthiness in service to humanity.

Dr. N. E. Nwauwa was a man who loved God dearly and never supported any form of corruption which triggered his zeal to pioneer the “Shun ill Gotten Wealth” crusade world wide. He also had to resign from his political appointments and offices and decided to take up his mandate as a medical doctor after he realized the poor nature of the Nigerian Emergency healthcare delivery system.

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