The struggle to enthrone emergency medicine in Nigeria is one of the main cardinal objectives of SEMPON. Before SEMPON emerged, emergency care awareness and advocacy in Nigeria was largely done by organizations such as Emergency Response Services, Advanced Life Support Providers Association of Nigeria, the Red Cross and few other bodies at various levels. The emergence of NEMA in 1999 moved emergency to a higher level. However, emergency advocacy and awareness took an upward thrust when Dr. Nnamdi Nwauwa introduced the CPR concept in Nigeria, working with the Society of Anesthetics of West Africa (SAWA), led by Professor Dorothy Jane. O. Ffoulkes-Crabbe. Dr Nwauwa who has variously been described as the father of Emergency Medicine in Nigeria with the assistance of Prof. Victor Inem took the advocacy to a further dimension when they began to approach the post graduate Medical College for institutions of a faculty of Emergency Medicine and training of residents. SEMPON is grateful to all these ones who have worked very hard in the past. This ostensibly includes the diaspora group from USA and UK led by Dr. Sigismund Wilkey, an EM physician in UK.

SEMPON, in addition to the creation of public awareness has written and approached the presidency, Federal Ministry of Health and Post graduate Medical College for the purpose of approving the creation of EM facility in our tertiary health institutions and to begin training of residents of EM in order to sustain the new faculty. Other advocacy strategies of SEMPON include:

1.    Seminars/ free lectures
2.    Exhibition at Medical conferences
3.    CME programs with CPD points
4.    Free emergency equipment donations
5.    Community emergency medical services
6.    Participation in emergency medicine research.
For more on advocacy, please call +234 803 331 0999