Objectives of SEMPON

SEMPON was formed with the following objectives

  •   To establish platform for interaction with Federal and State Ministries of Health, Private Organization for development of Emergency Medicine Service Base Stations.
  • To facilitate the establishment of the Nigerian Emergency Medicine Academy.
  • To bring together several people who have been trained in the art of resuscitation and emergency care.
  •    To encourage members to put their training into use in order to save lives of victims of emergency situations wherever they may find themselves.
  •    To contribute towards research in resuscitation and emergency care in Nigeria.
  •    To keep records of trained emergency care practitioners in case of urgent need such as national disasters and state of emergency.
  •    To encourage corporate organizations interested in investing in emergency care especially for the purpose of training the general public and care professionals.
  •    To institute public enlightenment campaigns on the need for the public to be knowledgeable by-standers in the event of emergencies.
  •    To liaise with other similar bodies abroad for the achievement of  aforesaid objectives.
  •    To educate members on the new dimensions on resuscitation and emergency care and new resuscitation products.
  •    To share knowledge and experience in the clinical practice of emergency care in order to improve the general practice.
  •    To foster further development of the Faculty of emergency medicine as an independent discipline and to encourage the post Graduate Medical Colleges as an emergency faculty and a residency program in Emergency Medicine.

The society is growing like wild fire just as the awareness about emergency care is also galloping. SEMPON is approaching all relevant stakeholders for collaborations to achieve the desired goal.